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             The FYK Group.

The F.Y.K. Group GmbH is a dynamic group of companies that is characterized by innovation, quality and customer orientation. Our focus is on the areas of energy technology, software development, engineering, personnel services and comprehensive IT solutions. With a wide range of services and in-depth expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our Divisions

F.Y.K. Protection and network planning GmbH

Network Planning (Netzplanung)
  • Analysis and design: Conduct detailed analyzes to determine the optimal network structure and topology.
  • Simulation and modeling: Use of modern software tools to simulate and model power grids to maximize efficiency and reliability.
  • Capacity planning: Determination of network capacities taking current and future loads into account.
  • Network expansion: Planning expansions, projects to integrate renewable energies and adapt to growing energy needs.
Protection Technology (Schutztechnik)
  • Protection concepts: Development and implementation of comprehensive protection concepts for electrical networks and systems.
  • Protection devices: Selection, configuration and integration of modern protection devices for error detection and elimination.
  • Testing and maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the protection systems to ensure their functionality.
  • Fault analysis: Analysis of network disruptions and implementation of measures to improve network security.
E-mobility (electric mobility)
  • Charging infrastructure: Planning and construction of charging stations for electric vehicles, including fast charging stations and publicly accessible charging points.
  • Integration: Development of solutions for integrating e-mobility into existing energy systems.
  • Battery management: Advice and implementation of advanced battery management systems to maximize the efficiency and service life of battery storage systems.
  • Funding: Support in applying for funding and subsidies for e-mobility projects.
Installation, Construction and Routing
  • Project management: Comprehensive project management for the installation and construction of energy infrastructure, including schedule and budget planning.
  • Construction measures: Carrying out construction and installation work for substations, lines and other energy systems.
  • Routing: Planning and implementation of the optimal laying of power lines and cables, taking technical and regulatory requirements into account.
  • Installation: Final acceptance and commissioning of the installed systems and facilities to ensure smooth operation.

F.Y.K. Protection and network control technology UG (limited liability)

Primary technology substation

Tasks and focus areas:

    • Transformers and switchgear: Planning and installation of transformers and switchgear for the conversion and distribution of electrical energy.
    • Circuit breakers and disconnectors: Selection and installation of circuit breakers and disconnectors necessary to protect and control power flow in substations.
    • Cable and line management: Planning and laying of high and medium voltage cables as well as overhead lines to ensure safe energy transmission.
    • Monitoring and maintenance: Carrying out regular inspections and maintenance work to ensure the operational readiness and longevity of the primary technology components.
Substation secondary technology

Tasks and focus areas:

    • Protection systems: Development and implementation of protection systems, including protection relays and circuit breakers, to prevent damage from short circuits and overloads.
    • Measuring and monitoring systems: Installation of measuring and monitoring equipment for continuous monitoring of network operations and for recording important operating data.
    • Automation systems: Development and implementation of automation systems to control and regulate substation operations.
    • Communication technologies: Integration of modern communication technologies for remote monitoring and control of substations.

Tasks and focus areas:

  • Guidance systems: Development and implementation of control systems (SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to monitor and control network operations in real time.
  • Data analysis and reporting: Implementation of data analysis tools and reporting software to evaluate operational data and support decision making.
  • Cybersecurity: Ensuring IT security and protecting control systems from cyber attacks and unauthorized access.
  • User interfaces: Design of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for operating and monitoring the control technology systems.

Tasks and focus areas:

  • Testing and Validation: Carrying out extensive testing and validation of all systems and components before commissioning to ensure their functionality and reliability.
  • Energy input: Planning and implementation of the first energy feed into the substation under controlled conditions.
  • Training and handover: Training of operating personnel and comprehensive documentation of all systems to ensure smooth operations.
  • Incident management: Implementation of incident management systems and emergency plans to respond quickly to possible operational disruptions.

       Software Engineering

    Software Engineering
    • Digitalization and networking: Implementation of modern software solutions for the digitalization and networking of machines and production processes.
    • Research and Development: Carrying out R&D projects to develop new technologies and software solutions.

    F.Y.K. Power Engineering GmbH

    E-Mobility (Electromobility)
    • Charging infrastructure: Planning, development and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, including fast charging stations and public charging points.
    • Smart charging solutions: Implementation of smart charging solutions to optimize charging processes and times, taking into account network congestion and cost efficiency.
    • Battery management: Development and integration of advanced battery management systems to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of battery storage.
    • Flottenmanagement: Advice and solutions for the electrification of vehicle fleets, including charging infrastructure and management systems.
    • Funding advice: Support in applying for and using funding and subsidies for e-mobility projects.
    Engineering (plant planning and construction)
    • System design: Development and design of energy solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers.
    • Project management: Holistic project management, from planning through implementation to commissioning, including time and budget planning.
    • Technical advice: Providing technical advice and expertise to optimize existing energy infrastructures.
    • Innovation development: Research and development of new technologies and solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.
    • Construction and installation: Carrying out construction and installation work for various energy projects, including substations, lines and systems.
    Renewable Energy
    • Solar power: Planning, development and installation of photovoltaic systems, both for private and commercial applications.
    • Wind energy: Implementation of wind power projects, including site analysis, planning and installation of wind turbines.
    • Energy storage: Integration of energy storage systems to optimize the use of renewable energies and ensure grid stability.
    • Hybrid solutions: Development and implementation of hybrid energy systems that combine different renewable energies.
    • Sustainability advice: Advice on implementing sustainable energy concepts and increasing energy efficiency in companies and communities.

    F.Y.K. Personal service UG (limited liability)

    F.Y.K. Personal service UG (limited liability)
    • Temporary employment: Provision of qualified specialists to bridge staff shortages.
    • Contracting: Placement of experts for temporary projects.
    • Executive Search: Recruitment of managers and specialists for permanent positions.
    • IT service solutions: Providing IT specialists and support in the implementation and maintenance of IT systems.
    • Permanent employment: Placement of qualified employees for permanent employment relationships.
    • Work contracts: Taking on projects with clearly defined performance goals and acceptance criteria.

      Our Values

      • Innovation:  We rely on continuous innovation in order to always be able to offer our customers the best and most modern solutions.

      • Quality: The highest quality in all of our services and products is our primary goal.

      • Customer focus: The needs and requirements of our customers are the focus of our actions.
      • Vulnerability analysis: Regular performance of vulnerability analyses and penetration tests to identify and eliminate potential security gaps.

      • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable solutions that provide long-term benefits for our customers and the environment.

      • Teamwork: Our success is based on the collaboration and commitment of our highly qualified team.

      Our Vision

      Our vision is to be a leading provider of integrated solutions in the areas of energy technology, software development, engineering and personnel services. We strive to make a sustainable contribution to technological and economic development through innovative approaches and excellent services.


      The F.Y.K. Group GmbH stands for competence, reliability and innovation. With our wide range of services and our deep industry expertise, we are the ideal partner for companies looking for high-quality, tailor-made solutions. We invite you to get to know us and shape the future together.